Tactical Inverter Product Applications & uses of Power Protection

Tactical Inverter Product Applications & uses of Power Protection

Electrical disturbances can create problems in the power that runs your equipment. Whether the interference comes from sources inside or near the facility (motors, air conditioners, vending machines, arc welders, etc.) or from sources outside your facility (lightning, power company, accidents, radio transmissions, etc.), it can create havoc in the sensitive electronic or computer equipment you depend on. Equipment can operate erratically and hardware and software can be damaged. Computer files can be garbled or lost.

Some of the problems caused by electrical disturbances include the following:
  • No voltage (blackout)
  • Low voltage (brownout)
  • High voltage
  • Sags (momentary low voltages)
  • Surges (momentary high voltages)
  • Spikes (very short, very high voltages)
  • RFI/EMI Power Line Noise

The Energy Technologies' Tactical Inverter® System will help you overcome these problems. Unlike most power Inverters on the market, the ETI Tactical Inverter System is a rugged, high-reliability, piece of equipment that will provide the highest quality power for your equipment. It is designed to take wide range DC sources including vehicles, aircraft, generators or battery banks and produce Computer-Grade AC power.

Examples of ETI products which are currently servicing and protecting:
  • Military C4ISR, stationary, marine and mobile
  • Missile launch systems, stationary, marine and mobile
  • Flight navigation systems and air traffic control
  • Airborne communications and instrumentation systems
  • Perimeter and boarder security systems in hostile environments
  • Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Voice/Data telecommunication systems, local and remote sites
  • Industrial workstations, controlled and hostile environments
  • Nuclear power plant control systems, fail-safe systems
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), outdoors
  • Process control systems, refineries and off shore platforms
  • Medical instrumentation systems and telemetry


ETI's rugged inverters are useful in many situations:

The primary use for Tactical Inverter units is for a vehicles battery to power up the inverter. Inverters can function from any vehicles's DC battery.

These Vehicles Could include :
  • Striker
  • JLTV
  • Tanks
  • Fixed & Rotor Wing Aircraft
  • Watercraft
  • Submarines
  • Various Non-military Cars & Trucks

The inverter then provides clean sinusoidal AC, which can power many vital pieces of equipment.

This equipment could include:
  • Short Wave Radios
  • Notebook Computers
  • Cell Phones
  • PDAs
  • GPS Systems
  • Range Finders
  • Medical Instruments
  • Communications Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Cameras

• Inverters are compatible with many other types of& low-wattage equipment

• In conjunction with ETI's rackmount Power Distribution Units (PDUs) , you can power multiple pieces of equipment at once. ETI also offers Tactical PDUs in portable transit cases, or configured as part of other larger product offerings.

• Overall, the TacticalPower line is uniquely qualified for critical vehicle and land based systems combining advanced modular design features with highly reliable construction.

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