Tactical Desk with Notebook PowerStation

Tactical Desk Accessories:

Tactical Task Light™ (TTL)

The Tactical Task Lights (TTL) are lighting fixtures designed to properly illuminate the work surfaces of the Tactical Field Office. Using high-power LEDs with an output equivalent to a 100 watt bulb and 4-levels of dimming, the correct level of illumination is available for all tasks from reading to typing to close inspection of details. They are energy efficient using less than 10 watts.

Their rugged, jointed 3-stage arms allow positioning the fixture where you want it. With a lifespan of over 40,000 hours, spare bulbs will not be an issue in the field. Setup is quick; plugging into pivot-pin openings on the top-rear of the NPS tray. When not in use, the TTL easily folds down tucking along the top-rear of the tray out of the way and secured by a Velcro strap.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lighting fixtures designed to properly illuminate the Tactical Field Office attached to the NPS.
  • 4 high-power LEDs with the output of a 100 watt bulb
  • 4-levels of dimming
  • Energy efficient, using less than 10 watts.

Adjustable Illumination Heights: Adjustable base allows light adjustment. 360-degree rotation and Pan/Tilt light fixture feature lets you put the light where it’s needed.

24/7 Operation: Designed with battery banks for nighttime and multiple cloudy day operation for extended operation.

Long Life LED Lights: LED lights offer longer operational lifetime than fluorescent lights. LED lights also operate in colder temperatures than fluorescent lights, down to −40°C.

Optional Auxiliary Light: Additional lights can be added for specific applications or for mobile lighting applications.

Tactical Task Lights connect directly to your Notebook Powerstation or Tactical Field Office Systems

Tactical Field Office with attached Tactical Task Light

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